Modern Baking Company have been manufacturing biscuits and other baked goods for the Australian market since the 1950s. Now based out of an 18,000 square metre factory in Melbourne’s Broadmeadows, they employ more than 170 staff and produce some of Australia’s most loved grocery products.

Originally MBC established in the 1950s as a specialist supplier of Italian biscuits but nowadays specialises in the production of cookies, sweet biscuits, pavlovas and vol au vents, supplying major supermarkets, hospitals, cafés and restaurants. Since 1999 MBC has produced ANZAC biscuits raising funds for the RSL’s many community programs. Decades of experience allow MBC to provide exceptional service and support to customers, both large and small, and to not for profit organisations.

Like Girl Guides Australia (GGA), MBC is a values-driven organisation. Staff at all levels are encouraged to live by the core values of Integrity, Empowerment, Respect, Teamwork, Courage and Innovation. These values align closely with those of GGA, which helps create a strong partnership at all levels.

The collaboration between MBC and GGA also provides GGA with access to a range of resources in biscuit marketing, which will help the campaign grow over time. A number of exciting, innovative products are planned for release over the course of the next three years, which will re-invigorate the annual biscuit drive.

MBC have full understanding of the logistics required to distribute the biscuits to all Girl Guide units throughout Australia. With a designated team they have one distributor to undertake all Girl Guide biscuit deliveries with one point of contact and trackable orders.

Modern Baking Company complies with current versions of the HACCP Guidelines and SQF 2000 System – General Food Processing – Level 3, as well as all applicable Act and Regulations for food safety in the countries in which we operate.

The food safety and quality policies and procedures at MBC are based on these codes and industry best practice, and are consistently reviewed as part of their ongoing quality management processes.

Palm Oil use by Modern Baking Company

 Modern Baking is not just a member of RSPO but complies to the RSPO Supply Chain certification standard Nov 2014 and holds a Supply chain Certification.

  • We ensure that all ingredients are bought from companies who also holds the supply chain certification standard. All our ingredients are MB or SG sourced and fully traceable to the plantation grown.
  • Certification  for RSPO supply chain is only granted when Auditor are able to trace the palm oil ingredient at all steps of supply chain.
  • As per RSPO guidelines where Palm plantation is cut, there is a plan for reforestation

MB stands for Mass Balance  –Base level certification where

  • Palm oil is from certified plantation but is mixed with conventional palm oil during transport and storage.
  • Up to final refinery, any movement of mixed palm oil are administratively monitored. Companies not allowed to sell more sustainable palm oil than purchased.
  • Basis of mass balance consists of reconciliation between RSPO and Non-RSPO palm oil

SG stands for  Segregated – Intermediate level of certification

  • Palm oil has all originated from RSPO certified plantations
  • After refinery, 3rd party certification ensures integrity of chain

“Everyone at MBC is excited to be working with the team at Girl Guides Australia , and we look forward to a long partnership that will grow this iconic biscuit campaign”

MBC Managing Director Greg Randle