What is our current biscuit range?

Our current biscuit range consists of three different types of biscuits:

  • the Traditional biscuit is the classical vanilla biscuit with our GGA Trefoil;  it is a perfect representation of the GGA Trefoil with the seven-pointed star.
  • the Mini Choc Chip … a bite sized crunchy biscuit filled with real chocolate chips in a snack size – perfect for a treat!
  • the Buttery Shortbread (Gluten Free)   … with a rich flavour that comes from high quality, pure Australian butter, making this a biscuit everyone will enjoy.
Why did we change our biscuit range?

A change in suppliers gave us the opportunity to try new ranges and offer more flavours and meet more dietary requirements! In response to demand, we are thrilled to offer a buttery shortbread which is gluten free and a bite sized Mini Choc Chip offering a treat sized biscuits that come packed in a box – perfect for sharing.


Are they suitable for people with allergies?

Our Girl Guide biscuits are produced in a factory that is free from peanuts and sesame, so all of our biscuits are safe for people with these allergies.

The new gluten-free biscuits are produced using processes that ensure that they are safe for coeliacs.

Allergens that are present in the factory include other tree nuts, milk, egg and soy, and as such these are potential cross-contact allergens that may be present in trace amounts in the biscuits.

Can I use the new biscuits in my favourite Girl Guide biscuit recipes from previous years?

Yes you absolutely can! We have maintained the original biscuit recipe, so you can make all your favourite recipes.  And check out our recipes over on our Cooking Challenge page.

How long do the biscuits keep?

Several months – so stock up now! The best before date will be printed on the pack.