Marketing Resources


We have created a range of marketing, sales and PR resources to assist the Guiding community in selling Girl Guide biscuits.  These resources are available on the Girl Guides Australia website within the Leaders password protected section.  If you do not have access to this section of the website then please contact your local State office with your request.

Permission to use these resources is only given to individuals who are current members of a Girl Guide State organisation and the images are only to be used to promote Girl Guide biscuits and  the Girl Guide biscuit fundraiser.  The Guiding community is permitted to use the images on printed material, official Girl Guide websites and on approved Social Media platforms.

Important:   please note that all resources are made available under the proviso that they are used in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Girl Guide biscuits fundraising activities, in keeping with the national GGA Style Guide and that the use of the resources is within the spirit of Guiding and upholds the Guiding Code of Conduct, the Guiding Promise and the Guiding Law.