What is the connection between Girl Guides Australia and the new biscuit?

The new biscuit fundraiser reflects the values of Girl Guides across Australia. Our Guide Law speaks about making better choices for the world, our Mission Statement says we endeavour to empower girls and young women to be responsible community members and our environmental statement speaks to environmental sustainability being a priority for us as an organisation. Our new biscuits are free from artificial additives, artificial flavours, preservatives and most importantly are palm oil free. All eggs are also free range. The cardboard packaging is made using recycled content and is fully recyclable. The biscuit wrappers are also recyclable. Our new biscuits are about our values and we are proud about what they say about us as an organisation!

Will the biscuits be branded Girl Guides?

Yes, the biscuit packaging and display boxes will be branded for the 2020 Girl Guides annual biscuit fundraiser

Can I recycle the individual wrappers?

Yes soft plastics can be recycled via the soft plastic recycle bins at your local supermarket. You can also contact your local council for other soft plastic bin locations in your community.

How can we display the biscuits at point of sale?

We will provide display boxes which can hold up to 16 x 50g biscuits in each and can also be closed to sell as a pack.

Is the cardboard packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes, the cardboard packaging includes recycled material and is fully recyclable.

What format will the biscuits now be sold in?

Biscuits are available for purchase online in the following format: 16 x 50g biscuits in a display box, with a choice to order 1, 2, 4 or 8 display boxes per order, making gifting a box of biscuits now also a great option. 

Each display box can be ordered as either the one singular biscuit type or as a mixture of the Triple Choc and ANZAC biscuits.

For orders of 2, 4 or 8 display boxes, it will be possible to order any combination of the mixed or single flavour display boxes.

Are the biscuits good for you?

Our biscuit range is made from premium natural ingredients, being free from artificial colours, additives, flavours and preservatives. Our supplier also only uses free range eggs and butter, rather than margarine.

Are the biscuits made in Australia?

Yes, our biscuits are proudly made by Snowy Mountains Cookies in New South Wales.

Where do the ingredients come from?

Our biscuits are made from quality local and imported ingredients.

Are the Girl Guide Gluten Free Lemon, Lime and Coconut Biscuits definitely gluten free?

Our gluten free lemon, lime and coconut biscuits meet the requirements for a ‘gluten free’ claim under the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code and are endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

How long can we keep the biscuits for?

The shelf life is 10-12 months for the biscuits from time of bake, depending on the recipe. The best before date will be printed on the packaging.

Will we have the Trefoil or Chocolate backed biscuits again?

We will continue to work with our biscuit supplier in the years to come and our range could continue to evolve.